Best Food

Homemade food, Every day the food is cooked by the expert cooks and are made in a completely healthy environment. Both Veg and Non-Veg foods are served and cooked separately.

Furnished Room

All Room are furnished. We provide Bed and Study Table for the students. There are three categories of rooms. Single Seater, Double Seater, and Triple Seater. All rooms are Spacious.

RO+UV+UF Drinking Water

The Drinking water provided to the hosteler are cleaned using RO+UV+UF, there is no chance of them getting sick due to Waterborne diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid fever. One of the best water purifier is installed in the facility

Chilled Water

A Common Fridge is provided and is used in summer for keeping water cool.

24hr Power Supply*

The power cut is really less in our area so there is very little chance of disturbance in study because power of power failure. And for the rest of the time there is battery backup.

Naturally Lighted Room

Sunlight enters the rooms directly keeping the rooms grams free and giving students Vitamin D. Which can hardly be taken via a food source.

Battery backup

A backup UPS is provide in all the rooms. The connection has been provide to a light and fan in all the rooms. The UPS gives a backup of 6hrs*. This helps the student to study without any interruptions.

Daily Room Cleaning

All the rooms in Navaidh Hostel are cleaned every day. The maid cleans the rooms. This help in preventing any disease. Helps in keep Allergies under Control. Clean room improves concentration.

24hr Water Supply

There are two Water tanks and are always full. There two water source and if the water is not supplied by the water department, the supply water taker service is used.

Homely Environment

The hostel has very Homely environment. This helps the student to provides proper focus on their studies.

Parking Space

There is a provision for Motorcycle Parking. A very spacious parking space is there for vehicles.


Hostel is totally Secure. All the main door is locked at night keeping all the students safe.

Safe House

The Rules are strict. The student have to return to the hostel on time. The Doors are locked at night. Security Camera will be installed soon. No outsider is allowed in the hostel. the student has to inform hostel before going out

24hrs surveillance

The whole campus is under 24hrs camera surveillance. The backup is stored in Hard Disk.